Struggling pre-med, looking for advice.

Hello All,
I am new here and I have visited numerous websites, talked to advisors and I still am struggling with a major personal setback. The dreaded GPA, I am kinda throwing myself out there to be torn apart so please do not be afraid to let your ideas and opinions rip.
I didn’t decide on Med school until my senior year, and I did not extend my graduation to get a double degree ( I was determined to have my bach degree before I turned 30!) and now I am stuck with a terrible gpa, 2.75 overall undergrad gpa, 2.9 science gpa, my degree is in Physics at Univ. of Washington, and it would have helped to dual major to get my gpa up. Both gpa’s suck and both are going to cost me at least 1-2 of graduate education. I have been looking into post-bac programs, specifically Dartmouth, Tulane, MidWestern and Drexel, all seem promising. Can anyone out there offer some feedback on those institutions? Has anyone else been in my shoes? I am determined, I don’t care if it takes 3 years, I’m sure people here understand, but I think this is a great opportunity to hear what you all think.
As far as the GPA explanation goes, I was in the Army 4 years, started college at 25 and during 80% of my college years I was working full time to help support my family. I studied, but not enough, and if anyone here attended UW I think they can vouch for the level of competitiveness that is pretty extreme here.
Looking forward to here what you all think, I really appreciate having found this website.

Hi there,
I think that a post bacc option might be a viable option for you especially if you have not taken General Biology, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. If you have previously taken these courses, a formal post bacc may not be willing to take you.
Another option for you if the post bacc option doesn’t work is to do a non-thesis masters in something like Physiology. Georgetown University has one of these but I am sure that there are others too.