Struggling w/ career decision

Hi I'm back. I don't know what to do. I've been struggling over making a career decision between PhD, MBA and DO, and now I narrowed my career choices down to DO vs PA. I realized I hated research. I tried to love it but the more I learned the more I was repelled. I realized medicine was the only field I can committed to. I will never get sick of it and always be enthusiastic about it. Initially I wanted to become a DO but somewhere along I became so frustruated. I study so hard and sometimes don't do well on the exam b/c of maybe some of barriers I have. (English is still slight barrier as well as ADHD) But I have gotten better and better although I still need to study much harder than other native Eng speaker.
Update : I've decided to go to med school which was my original plan.
I learned that I should not give up.

Hey Fundee,
It's all about choices. You just have to list all of your perceived pros and cons about each, weigh them deliberately, and then make the choice. Don't worry too much about what other people say. The reason that I want to become a physician is because I want the greater depth of knowledge and skills that come with the training, and I want the autonomy to make the decisions that I feel are best. For me, the additional time and headaches involved with medical school are an additional pro rather than a simply a con that I am willing to endure. Keep doing what you are doing in seeking out opinions. Maybe shadow some PA's and DO/MD's. If you do your best to make sure that you have all of the information and don't make a hasty decision I believe that you will be fine. Good Luck!

Thank you dmaes and I apologize for the length of this posting but was trying to give you enough
background to understand my dilemma. rolleyes.gif

No apologies necessary. Putting yourself and your situation out there is what OPM is all about to me. That is why it is such a great place to hang out.

Are these other people going to actually LIVE your life for you? Are they going to go run your errands for you? Are they going to do everything in your place? No.
So do what you think will make you happy. I know some PA's who are very happy with what they are doing and some not so, but it mainly boils down to personality and what you expect out of the job/profession.
Some PA's have a ton of autonomy. Some have a little. It just depends what you specialize in and do. There is room in medicine for mid-levels. I, myself, was on the PA track, but realized I could not be happy with someone looking over my shoulder. So I am going to get my MD and be done with it.

It was the same 20 years ago when I was in (and dropped out of) PA school. The story one of my professors told was of a PA student helping explain some concept to a few MD students and the MDs say "Thanks, you should go into medicine."
I have of late been around PAs and MDs in the hospital (my Mom has been chronically ill) and within the medical setting, there seems to be a healthy respect and understanding of the role of the PA by others within the medical community (RNs, Residents, etc). The time, money and effort difference between a PA and an MD/DO is not insignficant and may fit well with your life goals.
See you at next year’s convention