Student Loan Question

I have a question regarding federal student loans. I took Stafford Loan to finance my undergrad education. I graduated in May 2007, and normally I would have to start repaying it in a couple months. I’m also going to take Stafford Loan to pay for med school. I still haven’t heard from VCU, but when I called them they said that they would be sending loan award letters at the beginning of August. Do I have to do anything so I don’t have to start repaying my undergrad loans? Or does it work in such a way, that they will automatically know that I’m going to be in a med school starting in August, and I won’t have to pay until I’m done with it?

Thanks a lot,


Usually, there is a form that your records office will have to fill out once you matriculate in med school that verifies that you are indeed in medical school. At my school, I printed the form off of the web, filled it out, took it in. The office then did their part and then mailed them all in en masse. Your financial aid office ought to be able to tell you who fills out that form at your school. They probably won’t agree to fill it out until you show up for the first day of orientation, though.