Student loans anyone?

So i was one of the lucky kids whose parents paid for most of their first undergrad. But i did take out some unsubsidized loans for a few classes and housing while in school so i’m close to my limit in the unsubsidized.

However, i have not taken out any subsidized loans and my parents used the PLUS program so if i can get the subsidized loans i should have about 20k left for total undergraduate federal aid.

I submitted my FAFSA to the university i will be attending but i am being neurotic and am curious to know if i should be getting aid.

Any help will be greatly appreciated because then i will be able to sleep lol.

Thanks again everyone!

What is your question?

  • the dude Said:
What is your question?

Oops, guess i had a brain fart.

Should i be expecting federal student loans if i am almost maxed on my unsubsidized but have not touched my subsidized and my parents used the PLUS program for my first bachelors degree?

I think the best advice would be to call a financial aid counselor at a medical school for more accurate information.

Here is what I remember (and I am not sure if its gloablly applicable): Its unlikely that you have maxed out your unsubsidized loans because its not a lifetime loan but a per annum loan. The maximum per year is ~$44500 and for subsidized is $8400. What determines if you can get it is based on your credit score and financial history.

If you need your parents to cosign any loans their credit histories will come into play as well but I am assuming you are like the rest of us who do not rely on their parents to cosign loans, their financial history will not have the same impact as your own.

Again, the best advice would be to call your state medical school’s financial aid office. They would have the exact numbers.

I think they’re actually asking about loans for undergrad, but the advice about calling the financial aid office (in this case the undergrad office) is still good. They should be able to tell you exactly what the current numbers are and how much aid you are still eligible for.

Oh! Sorry about that. If you are looking into getting loans for undergrad, look into citiassist loans. If you are going to matriculate fulltime though, I would contact the financial aid office at your school.