Study Group in IL area

Hi everyone, I am studying for MCAT and was wondering if anyone is interested in studying together.

Please feel free to contact me at

thank you,


Hi Tia, I hope you are planning to come to the OPM conference in north Chicago in June. I know that MCAT studying makes you feel like you can’t do anything else, but the conference will be well worth your time. If at all possible, please try to arrange your schedule to come - and bring your friends!



Anyone located within the Chicagoland (Naperville) area, let me know.


Hi there!

Would you like to study together? Naperville is about 54.4 mi from gurnee, we could meet midway. If you like to then we can work on the details.



I live in Plainfield and would like to study for the test. However, I am trying to study for it after a couple of years of being out of school. I don’t know your situation, but I thought I would let you know. E-mail me at if this is something that would still interest you.

Greetings Tia & Limbo,

I will send you both an email. Here is my situation. I have been in the working world for sometime and after much sole searching this is the direction I want to take. I am studying for the Sept MCAT and would like study partners to for us to support and bounce questions off one another. My weakness is Physics, although I hope to strengthen this area shortly. I will send an email following this post.

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Greetings Tia and Limbo (Sorry I didn’t get your name from the post).

My name is Anjum and as mentioned from my post in the OldPreMed forum, I will be taking the September MCAT. I would be interested in forming a study group. I am available during the week and some weekends. A little about me: I am 35 yrs old. I have been through Medical School interviews back when I was in my early 20s. I did not attend. My primary focus right now is the MCAT. I worked as a project manager and am good with time management. If you guys are interested, we can meet at a library and rotate to different locations. Tia, you mentioned you were in Gurnee. Limbo, you mentioned you were in Plainfield which is very close to me. I consider myself very supportive and encouraging. If you guys are interested that would be great and I would welcome the support, motivation, and help we can provide one another.

I have just a few questions for the group:

  1. When are you taking the MCAT?

  2. What are you working on now (assuming you are using the Examcrackers books, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, etc…)

  3. What are your strong points? (i.e. mine is Biology)

  4. When can you meet?

  5. Are you planning on taking any prep courses? If so, I think it would be good if we do it as a group. Strength in numbers and we each my interpret things differently which may help each of us.

  6. Any of you going to the OldPredMed conference?


    If you should not wish to study together, that is fine. Don’t feel obligated. Either way, we will all see each other in our white coats sometime soon!!!

    Warm regards,