Study Group/partner

Anybody here looking for study partner? Let me know where you live around detroit area, may be we can meet at a local library for study time on weekends.

Sterling heights, Warren, Rochester Hills, Clinton township, Royal Oak, etc…

Hello…I live in the Shelby Township/Clinton Township/Sterling Heights area. I have been looking for a study partner(s) also. I recently started going to the Main Library by Partridge Creek. I would love to get a study group going.

I just got your email and I responded from inside of my personal mail. So, I’m not sure if you will get it, but excuse me if you ended up getting two responses from me. I posted the ad and was looking for one or two people to study with.

I live in Clinton township, about a mile to the main library. We can meet somewhere before we meet at the library if you would like to do that. Let me know.


I am just seeing your post now…lol. I just realized that I had an old e-mail address up there, so I did not get your e-mail. I was diligently checking throughout the week to see if you responded and forgot over the last two days. So…we should meet face-to-face first. When are good times for you to meet?

No worries. We can met sometime this evening, if you want. I’m not in the library today. I decided to study at home; just working some problems.

Yes I cannot do this evening… but I plan to be at the library tomorrow when it opens at 1pm…if tomorrow works for you.

I’m not sure. What’s your email address or phone#?

My e-mail is Just e-mail me so that I can have your. I will send you my phone# through e-mail

ok. check your email

Got the e-mail and I sent you a response.