Study in Ireland?

Anybody know anything about the Atlantic Bridge program, and med school in Ireland? Is it any easier to get into in than Med School here in the states? Any big concerns with the quality of education, match process, or anything like that?

I don’t know anything about it at all. My first concern, however, would be that they might teach using the so called “British System,” which I have have heard is largely incompatible with the way medical institutions in the U.S. do things (i.e. schedule incompatabilities for boards and such). It sounds interesting, so I’ll take a look around for myself, but someone here probably already knows a lot more about it than I will.

A cousin’s wife came here from Ireland, and went to med school at Rush in Chicago. I’ll shoot her an e-mail and aske her if she knows anything about it.



There are significant barriers to re-entry into the US medical system as an IMG, especially for the more competitive fields.

I’ve heard that a lot, but not from anyone who has actually tried to do it (i.e. go to school overseas and then try to get with the program here).

I hate to speculate and then look stupid. I look stupid enough without doing a lot of extra work.


When I did a shadowing program with Emory, I met a guy who did that program. He was intern planning on going into opthmalogy. He was nontraditional but younger than me (I’m 41) and had a previous life as a phlebotomist. He said he enjoyed it because he went all over the world for his clinicals.