Study methods

I’ve come up with an interesting way of studying. I’m using a small dry-erase board to write down concepts, facts, etc. for reinforcement and to test recall after reading the topics. It’s pretty quick, seems to work pretty well and will probably save a forest if I keep doing it. I’m a little worried though. Does anyone know if it’s harmful to inhale dry-erase marker fumes all day? They say their non-toxic, but they really stink. Am I going to have any brain cells left for my Bio test tomorrow? huh.gif
Anyone else have any interesting study methods?

Dry erase markers also work on glass and mirrors.
I’ve been known to write out steps of a process or terms on my bathroom mirror smile.gif
I’ve also made good use in some classes of creating concept maps - it works better for me in some subjects than others - it worked pretty well for neurobio - the mental sorting out of concepts and drawing of the maps is a form of study in itself - and then the maps are easy to review on the fly - either as a review or even right before a test.

Did you get the mirror idea from “Good Will Hunting”?

And a really neat way to have room for diagrams, charts, notes, etc., is to buy some blackboard paint and paint a whole wall with it. Then you can really go to town!! tongue.gif

QUOTE (niko @ Oct 23 2003, 09:45 PM)
Did you get the mirror idea from "Good Will Hunting"?

hehe. if i did, it was subliminally - I had a 2 sink master bath and only used one side and I was staring at all the extra mirror, knowing I already had a full white board and just realized I could write out glycolysis or krebs or whatever cycle I was studying and stare at it several times a day

I did that for my Biochemistry class when I had to know the steps in Lipid synthesis, all the enzymes in the Krebs cycle, yada yada yada…It really worked.
I also used dry erase markers and it did not seem to affect me…

Say…was that a flourescent pig that just flew by my window? wacko.gif