Study partner for exam

I am looking for a studypartner.
I am posting my study schedule and plan at studypal.
Join me there

I would be delighted to study with you. Am I too late??


Studying for the MCAT is a huge hurdle for students applying to medical school. While everyone has their own preferences for how to study, having a study buddy can be beneficial to anyone — even if you prefer to study alone. I was lucky to have my friend and classmate as a study buddy when we prepared for the MCAT together. To find your own ideal study buddy, you should look for someone who:

  1. Is Looking for the Same Type of Study Buddy
  2. Has Similar Study Habits
  3. Has a Similar Study Plan & Test Date
  4. Has Similar OR Complimentary MCAT Struggles
  5. You Can Share Resources With
  6. You Feel Comfortable With
  7. Can Motivate You

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