Study Speed and Quality

Quick question!

I am reading though my BR and EK books ridiculously slow. I feel that this is very ineffective; being a perfectionist is going to nab me a now MCAT score due to my slowness, lol!

Does anyone have any pointers or tips that they use to study in order to specifically go though appx 55 pages of material (one section) and comprehend with some what of a decent quality?

How many pages or sections should I be doing in a day?

Someone please help…I’m panicking and my test date is in September…

Hi there–

Are you following a certain study plan? The 3 month SDN study guide gives you pretty clear guidelines on how much to study per day. I’m finding it pretty hard to keep up with, esp. with TBR b/c each chapter is so long and so dense. I’m currently experimenting with using EK primarily, doing passages from TBR, and using coursesaver as a supplement. I started studying about 10 days ago and am really just getting my footing. MCAT for me is 9/11. Let me know!

LoL!! I know right?! I was currently doing the 4-month study “plan” but that gradually tuned into the 3-month study plan, rofl!!!

Regardless, I’l still trucking along. I’ve been using the BR for content, peppered with some EK stuff for what I have trouble grasping. The one good thing is that I do questions, questions, questions…

Maybe, I’ll try not to read the chapter word for word but more so important concepts, illustrations, bold items, etc. and see if that’ll speed things up.

Yes–the 4 month plan seems like the 3 month plan…not seeing the difference yet.

My challenge is that I do not have 8-10 hours a day to study, b/c I have to work, and have two lovely children to parent.

I am trying to do verba passages (3-5) every morning. I use TPR/101 for this so far. Then, I am reviewing science content with both TBR and EK. If I am confused, I go to Chad in “fastplay.” I am doing passages from TBR as well, but find it really hard to get to them b/c I get stuck on content.

When I’m doing dishes and working (I work from home, and am often just typing) I listen to audio osmosis from Grooveshark.

From everything I have read, it seems that the most salient thing is to practice doing the passages, and take the FL tests. I think I am actually going to start taking FL next week, though SDN doesn’t recommend b/c I worry about both my endurance, and feeling overwhelmed with the format. It seems like you could get really bogged down in content, and not really “get” how to take the actual exam.

Keep me posted about techniques that work for you. Even though audio osmosis is silly, I love it. People say it’s too distracting, but I love it. I find that just hearing it a few hours a day helps me a lot. I wasn’t going to pay for it, but with it available on grooveshark (er um, as long as that site is up…) I am using it relentelessly.

Keep up the strong work!

Thanks Blaze!

I used Chad for my physics and Ochem classes. I think that I may just do what you do and get the MCAT videos so that I can go over them as well.

I like the EK audio osmosis but I find it difficult to follow and create illustrations in my mind (I’m a huge visual learner) but I’ll continue to use them as they do give some sort of content review.

As for the questions, I think you are right on the money. I need to stick with the questions regardless if I finish the BR chapters or not. It seems like reading and understanding all that is in the chapters takes forever and I don’t even get to the questions.

Let me know how the FLs work for you and also if you find it helpful to just do questions and review answers and rationales. Thanks again for the tips.

Oh! and my hats off to you for having all that on your plate AND still have time and energy to study for the MCAT. By this alone, I have no doubt that you will make an awesome physician. Great job and keep at it! Your hard work will definitely pay off in the end!!

Hi there–Chad is awesome. Check out his FB page for a 15% discount coupon. It’s from a few month ago, but still works.

Also–I starte the 1001 books tonight, and this is most excellent for content review in my weak spot (physics). Hoorah!