studying for step 2... questions

Hi all,
for various reasons I’m studying for Step 2 at the moment, and am wondering what wisdom others have to offer. My Step 1 and shelf scores were not particularly strong and for various reasons (first, pride, and behind that, improving my app for residencies) I’d like to do better this time.
A couple of questions:
There is all kinds of folklore about what QBank score correlates with what Step 1 score–is there any rough sense of how QBank relates to Step 2 scores?
More broadly: Any advice for me on how to rock Step 2?

I did TONS of Q-bank questions (I completed all of Q-bank for Step II) , and felt very prepared. (I’ll PM you with my Q-bank scores and Step II score). I also used Crush the Boards and Boards and Wards for Step II, and found the combination worked well. Pretest Clinical Vignettes for Step II was also very good preparation.

Hi Joe,
I too, did all of the Q-Bank questions for Step II and did very well. I found Q-Bank for Step II more tedious than for Step I but helpful. I really studied Internal Medicine very closely especially the endocrine, rheumatology and hematology stuff. If you can get your hands on some of the MedStudy reviews(most med school librarys have these on reserve) for the IM topics, you are golden.
Almost everyone I know really comes up on Step II and I think that you will not be an exception to this. Step II is way less picky than Step I. In other words, if you hear hoofbeats, it is not a zebra.
My Q-Bank scores were in the 70s and my Step II score was 252 which was a full 18 points higher than my Step I score. The only problem I found with Step II is that the scenarios were really long and I was exhausted by the end of the day. Get plenty of sleep the night before.
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I used USMLE Step 2 Secrets and loved that book!! From what I understand, it’s the same info that is in Crush, but presented in a Q&A format. I also used Boards and Wards throughout the year. I did virtually all of the Q-bank questions. I too did so-so on Step 1, but did MUCH better on Step 2. I actually enjoyed studying for Step 2.
During the exam I actually felt like I had a fighting chance at reasoning through the questions if I didn’t know the answer right away.
The thing that pegged my score exactly were the NBME practice exams. There are two of them and they are 4 sections each. To me they were well worth the $45 each just for thepeace of mind and analysis about where my weaknesses were. I took one mid-way through my studying and the other about one week before my actual exam.
Good luck. Let us know what we didn’t answer for you.

Thanks all, that is very helpful. cheers, Joe