Stupid question - community college hours?

This might seem like a stupid question, but I just wanted to ask someone else! Bear with me, if you will!

I have 64 hours of credit from a community college from when I was taking classes before I transferred to a university and completed by B.S.N. (I have 75 credit hours from the senior university for that degree).

I have begun to think about graduate school and do not think I would be happy as a midlevel (NP/PA). I have always dreamed of being a physician and being employed in healthcare has given me more confidence that medicine is something I am truly interested in.

Unfortunately, I did not take any “real” sciences other than Chem 1 and I am regretting it now! I had hoped to go back and take basic Bio1-2 and Chem 2 at a community college since their hours and course offerings are more flexible (then take my advanced Bio, physics and orgo at a senior college - I have a long way to go!)

I work full-time as a RN and the local senior college does not offer any science courses that meet my current schedule.

I think I’m in trouble though, because I’m maxed out on my community college hours… right?

Here’s the information from the website of my local MS:

“A maximum of 65 semester hours of credit from an accredited community college may be applied toward the minimum 90 acceptable semester hours required for admission.”

I can’t pick and choose which 65 hours to count, right? I’m assuming that they include the FIRST 65 hours and nothing further.

And one more questions… do you think this means that online courses are unacceptable? I’m not sure what “Telecourses” are?

“A limited number of telecourse credits may be accepted for liberal arts electives; however, none will be accepted for required science and math courses.”

Sorry this is so lengthy and thanks for any advice you can offer!

There are three things here that I would think come into play, all working against you.

  1. the general bias against CC courses over 4 year schools by the adcoms

  2. you have a bachelor’s in a medical/science and going back to CC for more science doesn’t fit my theoretical CC exception for good students with a 4 year non-science degree.

  3. the 65 credit max.

    but as H. L. Mencken once said, “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” So my speculation above could be completely wrong

    Having said all that, you would be well advised to contact the med school, make an appointment with an admissions person, and discuss the situation.

    One of the things we have to remember about OPM is that non-traditional means atypical.

What type of nursing do you do? Can you talk to your supervisor re: taking classes and needing a set schedule? To get off during the week for classes, I worked every w/e 12 hours for 3 days (depending on class schedule). They liked it because they had someone working w/e and I had the week free to take classes. It’s bad for the social life, but sometimes you have to make a few sacrifices.

Rachel Yealy, DO