sufficient prep time for MCAT?

I have just completed a post-bac program at UPenn and achieved a 4.0 in eight upper level biology and chemistry courses (Biochem, Genetics, Physio, Histo, Pharmacology, Advanced Cell Biology, etc.). I know that this is not the knowledge base tested on the MCAT, though. I am starting now to study for the MCAT and plan to take it in April, which will give me three months prep time. I am no longer taking courses or working, so I can afford to dedicate ALL my time to studying. I took the MCAT five years ago and did not score as well as I’d hoped (DO range scores). However, I did very little preparing, so I am pretty sure I can do much better given proper preparation. I am not too concerned about my verbal and bio scores both because I have a strong verbal background and because of the post-bac bio preparation. However, I am very concerned about preparation for Chemistry, Physics, and Orgo. Here are my questions:

  1. Do you think I have enough time to prepare for these sections, given that I took Chemistry, Orgo, and Physics eight, seven, and six years ago (respectively)?

  2. I was planning on specifically reviewing only chem, physics, and orgo for my preparation. I figured if I took ample practice exams, these would constitute my “studying” for bio and verbal (given my strengths in these subjects). Do you think this is a good strategy?

  3. How many hours per day and how many times per week would be a good study schedule if I wanted to score a minimum of 10 on each section?


Only you can answer this question. For some people, this is more than enough time for others, more time is needed.

Why don’t you take a free practice MCAT from the AAMC site and see where you stand right now and take it from there. You can always register for the test and then decide to change the date.