Suggested schedule too much?

Hi all,

Can you review my tentative schedule below? I’m a geology major, so far my overall GPA is 3.4 and my science is a 4.0. I will be transferring from a cc to a 4-year institution this fall with 30 credit hours under my belt. I’m intentionally taking it very slow with the math. I wasn’t any good at it 15 years ago and I assume I haven’t improved. In fact, I am changing my program of study from a B.S. to a B.A. to eliminate calculus and the possibility of lowering my gpa…any suggestions or tweaks are appreciated!

fall 07- pre-algebra/geo pre-reqs

spring 08- algebra review/geo pre-reqs

fall 08- college algebra/gen bio I/chem I

spring 09- algebra-trig/ gen bio II/ chem II

fall 09- o chem I/physics I

spring 10- o chem II/physics II

I will be attending during the summers taking major requirements and whatever electives are left over. I am planning on taking the MCAT the spring of 2010. Is my plan doable?

Hi, KellyBee72,

I think your plan is doable and it looks like you are wisely spreading out the most important medical prerequisites so that you don’t run the risk of doing poorly in one of them.

My only comment would be that your algebra and trig are simultaneous with your general chem, which requires a fair amount of algebra. Is there a way you can get some algebra under your belt prior to general chem? You are completing trig prior to physics, though, and that’s a good thing.

Best of luck,

Should be doable. My only concern is with the timing of your College Algebra. At many schools, college algebra is a pre-req for Gen Chem. Gen chem is very algebra heavy, so if you are feeling shaky on the math, I would recommend that you are comfortable with it prior to gen chem. It will make gen chem a lot easier. Is the “algebra review” an actual class or something you are doing on your own.

Also - make sure that calculus isn’t a requirement at any of the schools you want to apply at. There are a few schools that require it. Honestly, I kind of liked calculus, and I am not a big math person. Calculus is a different animal than algebra/trig.

College algebra can be taken concurrently with chem I at my university. I thought to take advantage of that and save myself some time, but if chem is as heavy on algebra as you suggest, I will bump up college algebra to spring of '08 and get a math tutor instead of taking the algebra review course.

Thanks guys!

I would reiterate the advice about math requirements for the schools you are going to apply to. Some schools require calculus, most schools require calculus or statistics and some schools require math at college algebra level.



Thanks for the advice. I’m busy checking math requirements right now.