Suggestions for good books?

Hello all! Well I’m going back to school and getting back on track. I’m working back at my old hospital and am able to work with my old mentor (a Radiologist).
I’m now trying to find great supplemental books to help further my understanding of my science subjects.I’m looking on amazon and noticed an matured pre-med student who suggested a beginning chem book. So with that I figured I could get more info from those who have or will be using it as a study guide for pre-med req’s.
Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

For physics and general chem, I found the best supplemental help was Schaum’s 3,000 Solved Problems.

Everyone works differently, but for me I found that putting all the important concepts and equations on a 3x5 card and doing lots and lots of problems was all I needed to master the material. That’s where Schaum’s was a big help since I could drill myself on the necessary skills.

Good luck with your coursework!