suggestions for MCAT studying

I would like to know what is the best way to study for the MCAT. I can’t afford the kaplan test prep which is thousands of dollars. So any thought and suggestions as to how to prep?

Thank you

I like SN2 MCAT study plan . It’s is based on Berkley Review Books and spaced repetition. The only downside is that it takes 3 months/6 days a week of studying. I would still look it up though. I took Kaplan . I was not impressed with their books. I find Berkley Review more in-depth .

Yes Sn2ed’s schedule is good. You can also refer to MCAT Study Tips for more great information.

I agree that the berkeley review is good, but so is Examkrackers. In fact, The Berkeley Review can be too excessive whereas Examkrackers is more in depth. refer to the source quoted for more in depth information. Anyway, good luck I’m sure you’ll do well.

is the Berkeley plan a book or something similar to the kaplan mcat class? aside from that, did anyone get good scores from studying on their own?

thank you

Why are you focusing on the MCAT now? I know you want to charge ahead but I think, given your other thread, you need to focus on courses and grade improvement first.

Sorry to be harsh.

LOL! no thats alright i agree with you. i just got so many replies that i have to do well on the MCAT and i have to look at how i can finance the study material. no worries the semester is over for me. just waiting for the next semester to begin.

I took the MCAT without using Kaplan or other prep courses. I basically just used the Examcrakers and did lots of practice questions. I did take my basic science courses at the same time though.