Summer Bio and Chem

Hi Everyone!
Quick question! I’m looking for either an intensive introductory biology or introductory chemistry one-year sequence that could be completed in one summer. This doesn’t seem to be as a common a summer session offering as I had thought.
Thanks for your help!

Two time zones away, but I think U New Mexico offers both this summer. I am planning to take Chemistry. I imagine you can find something somewhere in NY.
google ‘summer in the southwest’

Roosevelt University in Chicago typically offers the Gen. Chem. year long lecture/lab sequence over a summer.

Harvard Summer School offers several classes: Bio, Gen Chem, Orgo, and Physics full year with labs in 7 weeks. Cambridge is a fun place to spend the summer and you will have full student privileges at one of the world’s great universities.
However I would recommend taking bio over a full school year because of the tremendous amount of memorization, and in fact I would recommend taking all of them over a full year; you only get one shot at a grade in the summer that counts for two semesters’ worth of courses, while the school year is split into two separate semester courses so that you can pace yourself and fix your study problems as they arise. So, for example, if you catch a cold around week 4 and take a couple of days off, you may find yourself hopelessly behind and your grades may take a hit. This happened to me in summer orgo.
I also did gen chem in the summer and I am finding that the knowledge did not stick very well; I wish I had taken it in 2 semesters instead. This was my own experience and yours may vary.
In either case I would recommend studying your gen chem book for several weeks prior to the start of class and you will be very thankful to go in already understanding things like molarity, le Chatelier’s principle, etc.

Santa Clara U. in, yup, Santa Clara, CA, (next door to San Jose, CA) offers general chem and ochem as full-year summer programs. Also physics. I suspect bio as well, but am not sure about that.

Thank you all for the help!!

Also thought I’d chip in - Capital University in Columbus Ohio offers the whole year of physics, gen chem, organic, biochem, biology, and some math courses over 8 weeks in the summer (labs are also available). Warning - these courses are brutally intense! But, the faculty are excellent and they have large amounts of TA’s available for tutoring. (My lecture section of 40 had 3 TA’s).
If interested, see the Summer Science Institute’s page. Although it was hell - I think the staff at Capital did everything possible to make this a good experience.