Summer is Set

Well, my summer is set. I have been accepted to a Community Oriented Primary Care Internship (COPC).

I will be doing several things:

  1. Case management

  2. B/P checks and Glucose sticks

  3. Medical Education

  4. special project

    All for the migrant farm workers in South Jersey. And I get a stipend to boot.

    Not to mention, the farm workers usually bring the freshest produce as a thank you to the staff.

    8 weeks to go until I finish year 1. Wow that was fast.

That sounds so neat Gabe!!!

Be sure to write about it!

Sounds great!

I will be starting a summer intensive anatomy course at Western. It gets one of my fall classes out of the way and I will be a TA if my grade is high enough.

How did you make the connection for this COPC?


sounds like lots of fun + will look good on your resume too!

My plans for the summer are pretty much set. After countless debates I finally decided to take the summer off, or at least not to do anything formal. I HAVE to go home and visit my folks. haven’t been for a while. So I’m going to spend 3 weeks in Poland; then my husband’s folks are going to visit for a week. I would like to do some shadowing in July and make some contacts + see what’s out there :). I’m going to spend last weekend on July in Southwestern corner of Virginia with Remote Areas Medicine folks on their annual fair during which they provide medical care to uninsured in Vrignia - many of them see a doctor only once a year during this event.


I am happy to hear the news Gabe. Congratulations!

Sounds great, Gabe. Enjoy!

Gabe, I think your idea is a good one! Second year is such a drain and it’s good to use the summer to reconnect with your family.

Lucky!!! It’s been years since I went to Poland but I remember it fondly. Especially the food LOL.

Please don’t forget to be a shutterbug and post pics when you get back!!!