Summer over-load?

I just got done with OChem I last semester (missed an A by 1 point ) and was talking to another non-trad, albeit much younger, pre-med at school. He had taken OChem I/II and from his experience, advised me to take OChem II after OChem I as soon as possible.

At our school (University of MN), the pre-requisites for OChem lab are OChem I, and OChem II or concurrent registration in OChem II.

So I decided to take OChem II and Ochem lab for the summer.

I am not working and have no obligations (kids, wife, significant other, etc.). Nevertheless, classes start on Monday the 16th and end on August 8th so it is a rather compressed semester.

Am I stretched too thin? Don’t want another A- or even B.

I don’t think you should have a problem with that schedule. The labs will just reinforce what you just learned in O Chem I, and O Chem II is very different than O Chem I, easier even, I think. Just don’t memorize, figure out what is actually happening, rather than thinking you can get through it on memorization. I always thought of O Chem as telling a story with electrons. Just line up the + with -, and push those electrons. Think concept, and you will always have that to fall back on. And good luck!