Summer Research for post-baccs?

Hi everyone, I am currently finishing up as a post-bacc pre med and am looking for some summer research. However, every program I’ve found only accepts current undergraduates, not post-baccs. I’m sure others have had this problem. Does anyone know of a resource to find programs that will accept people in our boat?

Thank you!!!

If you are willing to do it for free I’m pretty sure there are a lot of labs on your local university campus willing to accept you.

Find out the labs doing the work you are interested in, find out who the PI (principle investigator) is in the lab and schedule some time with them or go knock on their door.

I agree with Dazed. They are often willing to accept free labor. I worked (for free) in a lab last summer, and it was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it. Especially if you’re interested at all in research.

A side note: I actually got hooked up to the lab through an alumni from my undergrad university (an MD who knew people at the lab), so it’s worth a shot checking with your alumni association, too. Just a thought. Good luck!

Hey there,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I have been doing free research some here at my post-bacc school and should have clarified that I was hoping to find something paid. I know this is much, much harder but I do have a solid academic record. Does anyone know of any possible programs?

Thanks again!!!