Summer School or Research Program?

I had a big question to come up? Should I go to summer school to complete organic chem 1 and 2 or take a volunteer position with a summer reseach program at my first choice medical school?

The reason I was thinking about passing on the research program was this. I wanted to take the MCAT in August again if I need it. (I am schedule to take it in May, now.) the only two classes I am missing is organic chem I & II. I read on a blog how a student took the organic chem classes in the summer and then took the MCAT in August and did fabuluous. She was accepted to all the schools she applied.

I know we are told to apply early to med school. But, if I take the research position and score okay on the MCAT in May and I need to take it again in August, I still would not have organic chemistry under my belt, but I will have over 300 hrs in reseach and published at the end of the program.

Right now, I am doing self study on the organic chem portion for the May MCAT. Im doing okay on the practice MCAT. However, I would love to improve my score. Which I will be spending every day over 40 hrs per week studyng for the MCAT the last month prior to taking the MCAT. So, I expect my scores will improve tremendously during this time.

So, should I go to summer school or take the research opening?

Why are you taking the MCAT withOUT having first had Organic 1 & 2?

I’d go with the research. Taking both organics in a summer session sounds pretty hardcore.

When are you going to apply? This year? If so you want to have your application submitted in June. The later you submit it, the longer it takes for them to verify it.

If you are applying this year to matriculate in 2010, then I think you should take Organics in the summer, so your grades (hopefully good ones) are available to medical schools and hopefully boost your application. But be prepared that taking both Organics over the summer is extremely time-demanding… I did it, and it worked out for me, but many people advise against it.