Summers off

This might be a really stupid question, but here it goes…

Are there any doctors who manage to take summers off or who only work one or two days a week over the summer? For example, I know many children’s weight loss camps have a pediatrician on their staff. What do these doctors do during the year that allows them to work at a summer camp over the summer?

From my admittedly naive perspective, it seems like a doctor with his or her own practice would be able to do something like this. Also, perhaps doctors who work in university/student medical clinics have some time over the summer.

Anybody know anything about this?

Theoretically, private practice would allow you to come and go as you please, but I don’t know of anybody who actually does it except for a few who are semi-retired and have some kind of agreement with their partners/staff on how to handle extended abscences from the practice. A lot of the summer work you describe is done via locum tenens. There are several reputable LT firms in the US who contract with physicians for temporary assignments such as resorts, cruise ships, coverage for vacationing docs or Nat’l Guard duty. While most physicians who do locum work are either just starting out or are semi-retired, there are a growing number of docs who enjoy the lifestyle enough to make a career of it. It’s kind of an intriguing thought to be that unencumbered. If you’re interested, check out

Thanks for the response. That sounds interesting, and I will look into it. Checking out that website now…