SUNY Buffalo - out-of-state student

Just a quick question:

Was anyone able to transfer from being an out-of-state student to an in-state (NY) student? The tuition difference is quite significant!

I’m 31yo and just got accepted to SUNY Buffalo. I’m currently in IL and planning to move to NY (to be close to my fiance for many many years!). I understand that I have to be an out-of-state student for the first year… but I would like to be considered an in-state student for the next year and have my ducks in a row for it. I have talked to the counselor - but she wasn’t very helpful.

I can fulfill most requirement except filing the IRS form. I plan to be working in IL until summer - and use my savings for school (along with TONS of loans) - so technically, I wouldn’t have any W2 form with the NY state…

Should I just quit my IL job early and move to NY for one month before and find a menial job just for the sake of a W2 form? (extra cash would be great - but I’m not sure if this is even feasible during the school year due to the workload of school)…

Any input/insight will be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure about SUNY but in some institutions if you move to a state for reasons other than your education such as getting married, or family reasons I believe you can qualify for in-state residence from the get go. You’ll probably have to double-check with SUNY.

You need to double check with your school. At a lot of med schools, the status you go in with is the status you have for all four years.

Having looked at at least one NY school, I was under the impression that getting NY residency after the first year is pretty reasonable.

There are the standard requirements: you can’t be dependent on anyone outside of NY, you have to have X, Y and Z done in NY (driver’s license, register to vote, etc), and all that. If you’ll be living with (and somewhat supported by?) your fiancee in NY (is she a NY resident?), it should be pretty feasable to get residency after a year, if not earlier. I don’t believe that you need to have a W2 from the state, as your loans and student status should be acceptable in the eyes of New York.

This is just based on my understanding of the process - definitely look into it with somebody who knows much better than I do. And congrats, and good luck!

oh oops- I should probably get off my butt and help this girl. clearly I do not log onto the listserv enough!

  1. Congratulations on acceptance- can’t wait to welcome you properly.

  2. Happy news- Adam is right, out-of-state tuition is a first-year only affair here. Of course we don’t want you to fall through the cracks, so let me do some research this week as to the exact requirements, and I’ll email you privately.

    By the way no one here ever calls it SUNY Buffalo. if you want to look as local as possible, ditch that phraseology and say UB.

    Your new colleague,


Thanks for all your advices! This is really a great website!

Anyway, I found a place at Buffalo and now signing a lease (under both of our names). I am now cleaning out my current place for the move - and found old rejection/waitlist letters! HA!

Frankly, I don’t know why I even saved those letters anyway…I really hated that they were all sooo polite and ‘thoughtful’ but ultimately telling you that you’re not good enough. Really, shredding them gave me a GREAT feeling!

Moving might be painful but I’m kinda glad (lucky?) I didn’t get into IL schools. I’d have to endure yet another 4 years of long-distance relationship! (that’s with already 5 years apart and only 2 years together!). I remember going to other IL school interviews and subconsciously thinking… “I have to transfer out of here - if I ever get in.”

ps - Thanks for the head’s up, Matt. I’m really interested in what you have to say about UB. I can be reached at until June!

Okay I found it-- for Kassik and others trying to establish in-state residency at SUNY or CUNY schools, here is what you should try to accomplish as soon as possible upon arrival in our glorious Empire State:

Proof of citizenship or permanent residency

Student’s federal and state (New York State of course) income tax returns

Parent’s federal and state income tax returns (if dependent)

NYS Driver’s license or non-driver identification card

NYS Motor vehicle or other personal property registration

NYS Voter registration card

Lease agreement, canceled rent check, or rent receipt

Utility bills or canceled utility bill check

An account with a NYS bank.

Military service showing transfer/relocation to New York State

Sale of home in former state of residence

Purchase of residential property in NYS

Earliest date of relocation to NYS

Any other documents which you feel support your application.