SUNY Stony Brook or Touro School of Health Sciences

I am deciding between these two. Anyone have any insight on either of these two for undergraduate?


i am planning on either Rutgers or SUNY - both are great schools but i am a legal resident of NY (even though i live in NJ) so it would be cheaper…

anywho, i think SUNY is your best bet as taking undergrad courses there might give you an “in” with the medical school - profs there undergrad more than likely network with the med school there and suny upstate… and plus, you and i could take classes together LOL

Suny Stony Brook has a medical school? I did not know that.

in fact, they have a great school! and support system to boot! there is so much money that flows between SUNY “downstate” and “upstate,” as both medical systems are referred to… i am sure you can go look up the average step scores and other important stats to see how great both stony brook (downstate) and suny upstate are.

Minor point of correction, Stony Brook University does have a medical school, but it is not SUNY Downstate which is actually in Brooklyn.