Super Bowl poll

I wanted to be able to defend my “other” choice, or at least talk some trash about other people’s choices… is there any way to vote AND have a discussion about it?
My “other” vote is for Tampa Bay, ‘cause I loooooooove Brad Johnson even if he did go to FSU. His fabulous performance this year proves yet again what a confirmed moron Dan Snyder (owner of the Redskins) is.
I will always savor Johnson’s takedown of Robert Porchet (sp?) who was then with Detroit - I guess this was near the end of Johnson’s time in DC. I don’t even remember why Brad was so MAD but he did a classic WWF move on Porchet, it was fabulous. (Porchet was not hurt.) Flags were thrown… when he got to the sidelines, he mugged for the crowd, flexing his biceps and grinning. And later in the week the NFL fined him something like $15,000 for the whole episode.
In television interviews, of course he had to say he was ashamed of what he did and he was really sorry. But you could see from the grin on his face and the twinkle in his eye that it had been worth the $15 grand, and he wasn’t sorry at all!
Oh, I’m also rooting for Tampa Bay because I hope that if they’ve got a bunch o’ playoff games there, at least ONCE some network will show the pirates coming out onto the ship in celebration after a score, instead of cutting to commercials. I’ve never gotten to see the whole show, and I understand it is great fun.

I've been a Raiders fan for too many years to let a silly thing like 'reason' get in the way. I might even forgive them for letting Jon Gruden go…

Packers. Packers, Packers!!! Enough said.

Mary, I'll back you on that one. The only thing hindering the Bucs is cold weather. They have never won when the temp is below 40 degrees. Don't ask me why. Even teh Fish have won in cold weather and theya re 200 miles SOUTH of TB.
Go figure.
After the regular season, I'll post a weekly playoff poll.

I'm goin' with the Packers-they've gotta be so disgusted with themselves for blowing the chance for home field advantage against the Jets (now THAT was an ugly game!) that now they're fighting! Plus, I live in Wisconsin so…

I will steadfastly pull for my Steelers! I am a life-long fan…but, realistically, I do not expect them to get out of the first round and definitely not to make the AFC Championship game. They are simply not dunamic enough and too inconsistent to make it to the dance!
I am thinking that we'll see a Tennessee vs D'Eagles in the dance!

I don't know, the Steelers looked pretty damned impressive when they cleaned Tampa's plate a couple of weeks ago! I was thinking that Tampa stood a good chance at being the last man standing on the NFC side. But after their dismal performance against the Steelers, not to mention their game against - i don't remember who - in which they only scored 15 points, I doubtful they stand a chance!
Sorry, Mary, but Brad Johnson!? Give me a break! Give me a Farve or McNabb, and I bet Tampa would be unstoppable. But it is good to see that football has become a guessing game til the very end, and that the AFC can contend, now.

See this is a difference between guys ‘n’ gals when it comes to rooting for football players. Aside from that I think Brad’s pretty good (I agree, he’s not Favre) … more importantly I think he’s CUTE biggrin.gif And I think Johnson holds up well against McNabb - McNabb’s got the raw talent but he doesn’t always have the patience to hang in there. Okay, Johnson can’t scramble like McNabb but often he doesn’t need to 'cause he has waited to see what else develops in a play.
How sad is this - a friend I rarely see invited me for lunch on Sunday and it was all I could do to refrain from checking the playoff schedule before I agreed to her invitation! (I won’t confess this to her, she isn’t into football and would not understand.)
AFC - hell I don’t care. Dave, I do like the Steelers, but agree with you, they may not have what it takes to go all the way.
Oh, and as long as I am talking about football, in the past few days watching both professional and college games, I have heard commentators TWICE using the phrase, "[Some player] had his way with the [opposing team’s] defense/offense."
I asked my husband if there was an interpretation of this phrase I was unaware of - since a guy “having his way” with someone means just one thing to me. laugh.gif He agreed it was a curious turn of phrase for football. Anyone else notice this??
Oh, and so far so good on the bowls, the Hokies won and all the teams I was rooting against have lost.

Go Texas!!! Hook 'em Horns!!!
Oh wait…wrong thread.
(I had to cheer about something since Denver went from 6-2 to 9-7) sad.gif

OK I just gotta crow here, I said this on JANUARY SECOND:

I think Johnson holds up well against McNabb - McNabb’s got the raw talent but he doesn’t always have the patience to hang in there. Okay, Johnson can’t scramble like McNabb but often he doesn’t need to 'cause he has waited to see what else develops in a play.

Woooooo-hoooooooo! My boy Brad, in the Super Bowl! Dan Snyder is such a farking idiot!!!

Ok, I gotta admit that Johnson is proving his worth, especially after holding his own against the #2 rated defense. But, against the Raiders, it may be about putting up the points. Let's hope he's game and ready for a shoot out.

Tampa in a close hard fought one

I am on call during the Super Bowl, at the VA. Shouldn’t be hard to find a TV tuned in to it, at least that’s what I’m hoping. Conventional wisdom is that things will be very quiet until after the game. Then all the old guys who started feeling sick earlier in the day, but didn’t want to come in during the Super Bowl, will stream into the ER coughing up their lungs and such like. Should be a fun day! tongue.gif

Raiders! Raiders! Raiders! Go Raiders! biggrin.gif
I’m on call for 24h on Sunday. The trauma bay should be hot bunking after the game.
Go Raiders!!!

P.S. At least a former Redskins quarterback is going to win. Go Raiders!!! wink.gif

Gotta go with the Bucs! I’m originally from ALL OVER (construction & military folks know where that is) but I’ve been in Florida for 16 yrs now!
I think it’s really cool watching all these Floridians pinching theirselves. Their Bucs are finally in the Super Bowl after all these years!!!
Go Bucs! biggrin.gif

That was so great.

John McKay would have been proud biggrin.gif

While a big Miami fan, the Bucs were always second to me. When they were first created my Dad took me to a game years and years ago. They lost. After the game a reporter asked McKay:
"What about your teams execution?"
McKay responded deadpan, “I’m all for it”.
I was there in the driving rain for the 9-0 loss to the Rams. It was a dreadful game.
I am so proud that Tampa finally comes out of the misery of those years and wins the big one. Perhaps they’ll teach the Dolphins and Hurricanes what it takes to play smashmouth defense and how to crush a teams wind pipe when you need to. rolleyes.gif