Supplimental Books, anyone???

Hello all you lovely motivated people!

I’m looking for some supplemental books or text for Precalc and Ochem I. Does any one have any good recommendations or books they are willing to part with???

I have another OChem text with solutions manual. Author is Janice Smith

Is that the green one with the yellow plant leaf on the cover (3rd Ed). How good is that one would you recommend it???

My class is using the McMurry 7th ED text with the snowy cherry blossoms on the cover.

It is green with a gingko leaf on the front. I thought it was a pretty good book. Honestly the most important OChem book you can get is the solutions manual to whatever text is required. The solution manual helps you solve the problems that you will need to do over and over.

What edition is it? And how much are you selling it for?

3rd edition. On Amazon they are like 150 for both I’d be willing to part with them for 100. What’s bad is that I shpped the other out to you last week.

Organic Chemistry As a Second Language! Highly recommend. Our library at my community college carried it.

Well, what book are you currently using?

I really like the book we are using which is Wade’s Organic Chemistry. The solution manual is extremely helpful.

I bought Soloman but I just sold it because it wasn’t all that good.

I currently have the McMurry 7ed Ochem text and solutions guide. But that Janice Smith text got really good reviews on Amazon and Google!

Baily? If you’re still there, I’ll take your offer.

Same process as the last time works for me. I will try to get them in the mail monday. Library rate for the exam krackers with tracking was about $8, so I would think what you gave for shipping last time will be more than enough and you could probably make it ten.

Sounds good! I’ll be sending the MO out next Thursday


  • Gala Said:
Organic Chemistry As a Second Language! Highly recommend. Our library at my community college carried it.

Liked this one, but also like Organic Chem I for Dummies. It was a very easy read, but still was helpful for me.


second language was great for me!


I have a Pre-Calc text that I used this past semester. It provided me with a pretty solid foundation for this semester of Calc. The text is by Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards. I am willing to part with it. PM me and we can discuss the details if you are interested.