Supportive Spouse's

My wife and I have had this discussion, but I wanted to share it here to see what other experiences have been. My wife is supportive and cheers for me when I ace a class, but other than that she doesn’t know how much she can do to help me along this journey. I know there will be some obvious answers about quizzing, financial support, and really stepping in with parenting; but in what ways has your Spouse been supportive that really made a difference in your path forward?

I think the biggest thing my wife did was to be understanding of the time suck it all is. It’s a lot easier to study (and with less guilt) when she was on the same page. I didn’t really ask her to actively participate in my studies, but she did take on a huge role for the household.

My wife knew what she was getting into when we first started dating, and as such has been incredibly supportive along the way.

Aside from the part where she’s working full time while I’ll be going to school and understanding of the fact that I’ll probably be busier with school than I have been while working a full time, I don’t think there’s much else she could do.

My wife has not only been my rock throughout this process, but she is also the one that keeps me grounded. During medical school she insisted that I come home for dinner. She ensures that I remember important dates and don’t miss too many events. But most importantly, she is my backer and holds down the fort during my crazy schedule