Surgeons with essential tremor diagnosis?

Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but I’m curious if practicing surgery is totally out for someone in their early 30’s with a minor essential hand tremor. I also understand it is progressive, so it may get worse with age. Any opinions?

:- Nobody?

Hi there,
I am a PGY-4 General Surgery resident. I have not run into any practicing general or vascular surgeons that have an essential tremor. As I am going through residency, I am finding that my work is finer and finer as I get more experience. Now most of my cases involve loupes or an operating scope. Even drinking caffeine before operating gives a tremor that is greatly magnified under loupes or the scope.
You might not have much of a problem with orthopedic surgery but neurosurgery and urology might be tough along with general and vascular.
Good luck!