surgery shelf exam

i’m currently five weeks away from my surgery shelf exam. my resident keeps me extremely busy and so i haven’t had an opportunity to read ANYTHING. i get home at 8/9 pm and have to get up at 4:30am to get to the hospital in time. what do you all recommend as a review book/question book. i’ve done very well clinically in my midterm evaluation but that is based mostly on work-ethic and a positive attitude. i’d like to very well on my shelf so that i can high-pass or honors the course (especially since i failed step I). any advice?

Hi Kelly,
Surgical Recall is the standard for most folks. It fits in your pocket and covers almost everything on the exam. The Lawrence Book is pretty long and very tough reading but you can tear out chapters and carry them in your pocket. A couple of classmates of mine cut the binding off at Kinko’s and had the pages punched for placing in a loose leaf notebook. If you do that, you can put a chapter or two in your pocket for reading during cases.
If you PM me, I have a couple of other things that you might like too.

I used blueprints and recall, but didn’t fall in love with either. I did, on the other hand, really like Surgical Secrets. I like the Q&A format of the Secrets series.
Take care,