Surviving a 8 year old AA degree pre req

I just went and reviewed my transcript. I need only one more math and my AA is done so I can transfer to a 4 year college.

My AA gpa is a abysmal 2.4 and from what I can ascertain my med pre req gpa is around 2.6ish.

Ok, so naturally I plan to repeat every single pre med course with some calculus thrown in for good measure.

Please tell me I can show massive improvement since when i was 20. I have 5 years of hospital experience and some good letters of recommendation that will be coming down the pike.

Do i have a chance if i repeat all of my pre reqs and do exceptional on that and bachelors and a decent mcat?

I truly believe if i work hard i can change my stars and become a Doctor!

Yes, I believe you have a chance. But, you need to do well in your 4-yr program. Schools do look at gpa trend line, which you want to be straight up.