Surviving Midterm exams

Anyone else taking midterms? How is that going so far?

Last week was physics class midterm exam. Got an A. Just finished Chemistry lab and class midterm exams today. I’m so exhausted, i had to stop by the grocery story for Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream Highly recommended for those stressful days:) Next stop Physics lab quiz and report.

I’m still debating if i should just take Chem II and Lab and Physics II over the summer. These lab courses are so demanding. I can take Physics II lab with Org.I in the Fall.

Midterms already? I’m just having my first in physics tomorrow. I had my first physics post lab quiz yesterday. Labs are really demanding be only be worth 1 or 2 credits…Best on all your exams!

Not in midterms yet here either. Though I was pretty stoked about making 1 of 4 A’s (out of a class of 60) on our first Organic Chemistry test. Did well on the first A&P test as well. Having our first Microbiology test next week, I think.

Midterms? I just had my first Chem2 exam. BOMB!

Have Bio1 tomorrow.

Oh my goodness, i’ve already had 2 Physics exams 3 quizes; for chemistry i’ve had 4 quizes and a midterm; for chemistry lab i’ve had 4 quizes and a midterm exam plus those weekly reports, and for physics lab, i’ve already had 5 quizes plus those weekly reports. I’m assuming everyone attends school in the Northeast or North west. Schools in the South start earlier than in the North.

I’m having a physics quiz and lab quiz next week and physics exam number 3 in 2 weeks.

You know i have to admit, i was skeptical about attending a community college to prepare for the MCAT, but between the weekly quizes , reports and every other week exams, i’m forced to study every single weekend on every new lesson. The professors make you work for that grade, and i’m learning somuch so fast. For the low cost fees i’m paying,it’s a deal and i’m getting my money’s worth. Oh those online resouces have been tremendously helpful in undertanding the lessons. Anything i don’t know, i google it for an explanation. I actually googled something on my smartphone right before a quiz and i got an A from a last minute online explanation.I love it! I wish i had all these resources in undergrad, i would’ve graduated with a 4.0

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