Sweden II

It’s been a real summer of soul-searching, and I think I’ve come to a decision on the matter I brought up in the spring. To wit: I’m going to apply only to American medical schools this year (for entry in fall 2006).
This was very difficult for me to decide because my boyfriend really wants to go over there. But I talked to a chap who’s at the University of Gothenberg right now, as well as read several books on the subject and they all said that REGARDLESS of your performance on the USMLE Boards and your grades, you will be at a disadvantage matching for a residency if you go to med school in Europe. This was the external factor in my decision. The internal factor: after taking my MCAT diagnostic pretest, I realized that if I try to study for the MCAT and the Swedish university language proficiency exam in the same year, I will flunk them both.
So now I’m concentrating on getting into an American med school next summer/fall, and then hopefully doing an exchange in Scandinavia either during med school or residency or fellowship. Trying not to bite off more than I can chew over here. Our family compromise: I promised my boyfriend only to apply to schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, so that if I’m admitted he won’t have to quit his job and leave the area.
Had to get it off my chest!

Hey Matt,
Did you say you’re applying for 2006 entry? Then you don’t need to decide about Sweden til at least fall 2005, if not winter 2006. I am still thinking of applying to Denmark, and I don’t have to turn in an application til march 2005 for fall 2005 entry. The Danish application is a piece of cake, and I imagine Sweden’s isn’t much harder.
Do you live in New York? Have you been to the Swedish church on/around 59th Street and 6th Ave? They have a little lunchroom in the back that I used to go to a lot. I worked at Ordning & Reda, a little Swedish stationary store too. My family’s Swedish so I love all this stuff!
I hope you do not lose your interest in Sweden. By the way, maybe you could check directly with some residency directors? It’s hard for me to believe that a Swedish degree wouldn’t be respected in the states.
Saa, hav det bra!

It’s not the application itself that is holding me back but passing the TISUS. For those uninitiated, any foreign applicant to a Swedish university must pass a three-hour oral, written, and reading comprehension exam. Although my Swedish has improved immensely since I started studying in January, it is simply not up to snuff to pass this year and I don’t see how I could find the time to pass the TISUS while I’m taking Organic, Physics, and my online MCAT review class. But I have definitely not given on the idea permanently! Especially if I don’t get into any American medical schools on my first go.
Believe it or not, I have been taking my Swedish classes at the very church that you describe: the Swedish Seaman’s Church. I haven’t seen any seamen yet (can you think of a dirtier-sounding “clean” word?), but it’s definitely a good place to hang out and practice tala på svenska.

I think whatever you decide you have to consider the important people in your life, and hopefully you and your boyfriend have come to a concensus on that issue. I wish you the best.