Tabers-Do you have it? Do you like it? Is it worth it? Was is it exactly?


I am curious about Tabers. I was about to pick one up the other day, however, there is a new edition being released this month. If it has not been released already.

They are rather expensive, I have the general idea of what it is, I think? It seems as a dictionary of sorts for diseases?

I.E. You look up the name of the disease or ailment, and it defines it pathological process and effects?

Does anyone have a Tabers, I hate asking that way, since I am pretty certain most of our med students and docs do.

Sorry, I used to have one I was borrowing for a class. The woman moved and I thought maybe I had forgotten to give it back, but nope. Not on my bookshelf.

I never looked up pathologies in it. Most of what I used it for was defining certain cellular terms such as lymphocytes when I was taking my lactation courses and didn’t have any science beneath my belt. If it weren’t for Tabers I wouldn’t have passed the class. It was me and definitions for every other word of the text.

Taber’s is a medical dictionary…it’ll have all the medical terms and words in it as well as what they mean, prefixes, suffixes, etc… I’m not sure how in-depth it is, however, I recently bought one because a friend of mine said it is an exceptional reference.

Thanks Susan and Tim, thats what I was looking for!!

That’s right, Taber’s is a dictionary and not an encyclopedia. I keep one on my desk, and I listed it as a “recommended” resource when I taught an undergraduate Medical Terminology course. However, you should be able to find it in just about any academic and/or health sciences library.

I’ve used this book since my graduate anatomy class in 1994 in a number of classses includung pathology, medical biochemistry,pharmacology ect. Great reference IMHO.


Thanks for chiming in! I was reading some of your blog, what exactly do you do with the Patho? And what were your requirements to apply for this position? I am very curious in this area, along with Cardio.