Take shortened MCAT or wait?


I’ve started studying for the MCAT and was anticipating taking it in the fall 2020. However, given the pandemic and the shortened version being tested, I’m wondering if I should go ahead as planned or wait and see if the regular, longer version will be reintroduced sometime in the winter? I plan to apply during the 2021 cycle. I listened to the podcast discussing some of the pros and cons for those taking it for the 2020 cycle, but I’m still a year out. Thanks for your advice!

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I have the same conflict. I was going to take it in April and get all the applications in as early as possible. Then pandemic happened and test got pushed back to June 27. But in pushing it back I didn’t dedicate as much time to studying as I should have. I was considering pushing it back to September, to at least take it this year and not have to stress about it anymore (which would be a definite pro!). The course i’m currently in ends in September, although they still have the 6 month extension as an option.

I’m thinking the con would be that if they release the longer version again, will it be looked down upon to submit a shortened exam score? Some could even interpret it that you were trying to take advantage of the fact that it was shorter, which unfortunately some people are doing. I’m not sure if AAMC would even differentiate the scores, like if you submit it would it say “shortened mcat score” or something similar? I had planned on applying this cycle, but i’m strongly considering just waiting another year to apply and see which version of the test will be out in 2021.

I’m not sure if that helps make your decision, but I thought I would outline my thinking process on it. Hope it helps .