Taking MCAT in Aug, should I submit AMCAS now or when the new score is released?

Hello everyone,

I appreciate any advice on this matter. I am concerned for how the applications are screened. I will be applying this cycle no matter what. My interest in this thread is when I should apply. If I submit before I get my August MCAT score, will my application be screened prior to these results? It is my understanding that some institutions will discard some applications just on stats like GPA and MCAT alone before delving deeper into an application. I want to give my application the best possible chance to be seen. I have always heard the earlier in the cycle, the better. But I do not want to submit early just to have my application discarded, when I know I have a better score coming down the pipeline. Is it best to apply ASAP? Right around my test date? Or as soon as the results are out?

For background, I have an overall GPA around 2.5, sciences around 3.0-3.2 range. Previous MCAT score of 500. I have clinical experience in tissue and organ recovery as well as a clinical research coordinator for GI at a very reputable medical institution, also shadowing experience in many realms or organ transplant and different facets of the GI world. I tried to plan everything out so I was ready to apply day one of the application cycle. I was ready to see a major improvement in my MCAT score, but my April test date was cancelled due to COVID-19. I honestly feel I will score around the 510 range, which would be a drastic improvement, that I obviously want to be seen. I have heard conflicting advice as to whether I should apply now or wait until the score comes out.

Applying this cycle is not negotiable, I am fully ready to give it a chance and do not want to wait until next year.

Thank you all for any and all advice, it is much appreciated,

Hi Jared,

One thing you can do is apply selecting a few programs that will consider your MCAT score and GPA now and add other programs later once you receive your new MCAT score. It really depends on how many programs you are thinking about applying and how much you are willing to spend. If you are unsure about your performance on the next MCAT, you can gauge which program will look into your current score range and GPA and apply there. Some schools do state they don’t even send out the secondary applications if your MCAT and GPA are so and so. Don’t waste money applying to those schools yet.