Taking one Course at CC

Hi. I took Physics 1 over the summer at my four yr college with a prof from a local community college. It was my first physics course and I did well (B+). I really like this professor’s teaching style. I would like to take Phsyics 2 with him, but he does not teach this course at my school. All of my other premed courses will be completed at my 4 yr institution by the end of this semester. Would it be viewed negatively if I take Phsyics 2 at a community college? Might this disqaulify me from certain schools? My other question is, for people who have taken the MCAT: Would working 3 days a week, taking physics and taking the MCAT Kaplan course in prep for MCAT be managable? I am registered to start the prep course in 1/09 and take MCAT in 4/09 or 5/09. Thank you for your opinions! Of course, I am a non trad student (38 yrs old).

I don’t think this one course is going to make a difference - especially if you rock the class! Make sure though that you’re not getting anything else than A. If it ever comes up at the interview you have a good argument to make why you chose to take this class at CC.

As to MCAT prep, working part time and taking one class - it depends on your self-discipline and motivation. It sounds definitely doable, assuming that your other prereqs are quite recent and your MCAT prep class will mainly be reviewing familiar concept and getting used to looking at them the way MCAT requires it. If some of your basic sciences are rusty and you’ll pretty much have to relearn some of them, I thing you might want to allow more time for MCAT preparation (for example start reviewing earlier).