Taking Pre-Med Courses Online

I’m Currently going to do my B.S. in Biochemistry at ASU (online) and wanted to know if anyone has had a hard time applying to med school when your pre-med courses are done online? The way that the lab courses work is that all lectures is done online asynchronously and they mail you lab kits and you record yourself doing all the labs, send the video to your professor, and it gets graded. There are a few labs where I have to fly to ASU on-campus for a week to do the labs in-person (because they cannot ship these chemicals). My counselor assured me that all my courses will NOT show on my trasncript that they are online, but rather, they will be writen as if I did it in-person.

Additionally, the diploma that I get after finishing my B.S. will be the exact same one as those who went to ASU in-person. So essentially, if you compare the transcripts and diplomas of a person who did a B.S. in Biochem in-person or online, my counselor said that there would be no difference at all.

Additionally, I wanted to know if doing some pre-reqs at the University of New England (online) will count as pre-med? I believe the school is regionally accredited (they also have a medical school). Below is the link if anyone wants to look and let me know if med schools will accept it as legit.

UNE is a legit/accredited program as I looked at some of their courses a while back. I would check with both ASU and UNE (if you decide to take classes there) to see if they indicate on transcripts if courses were taken online. With the pandemic, more med schools are accepting online courses. My post-bacc institution, UC Berkeley Extension, does not indicate on transcripts if the classes were taken in person or online. If ASU and/or UNE indicate on the transcript that classes were done online, I would check med school websites and/or contact admissions staff regarding their policy of online classes.

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Sounds great! Thank you!

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