Taking the MCAT 2014 late summer and Applying 2015 in May

So, due to my relocation plans to another state plus searching for a job and a place, i’m dropping my summer class. I’m so focused on moving and job hunting, it’s taking away from my school time. I’m not just studying to get an A grade, i’m prepping for the MCAT. I need to be focused. This means i’ll be finishing my pre-Reqs Spring 2014. I could take the MCAT in late summer and apply, but it’s too risky to apply late. So i was thinking of taking the MCAT late in the year, end of July 2014, and if needed retake in September 2014. This should give me the 3 months time i want to dedicate to studying when Spring 2014 semester is over. I’ll save my scores and apply the first day the application opens in 2015. I realize i want to pursue this dream but i’m not trying to rush through it. I’ll become a physician even if it takes 1 or 2 years more to get there. I’m perfectly okay with it :). With this new plan if all goes as planned i’ll be graduating at 38, rather than 37 with my original plan. Not much of a difference.

I hope the 2014 scores will still be accepted even with the change in the 2015 exam.

critique my plan

  • Msalexis29 Said:
I realize i want to pursue this dream but i'm not trying to rush through it. I'll become a physician even if it takes 1 or 2 years more to get there. I'm perfectly okay with it :).

I wished all pre-meds (old and young) could be as wise as you are. Normally the only piece of advice I would give (which I won't now) would be to take the MCAT Feb 2015 given your timeframe. There is no point in wasting a few months of preparation since you apply in 2015, you would take it early enough for 2 attempts and be an early bird. However, the MCAT will change and I can understand that you would want to take it in 2014 still.

So you plan sounds right (at least to me). There is still this voice inside of me that tells me the new MCAT might be easier than the current one. The tests we have show that as years passed, tests became more and more difficult. So perhaps the new version, at least at the beginning may be easier. Ahhh, it also true that the devil you know is better than the one you don't so...

Your plan is good: deliberate, well thought out, and not rushed. You can take the 2014 MCAT and apply in 2015; schools will still accept the old MCAT. Good luck on your journey!



Awesome plan! That is the smartest thing I’ve read here in a long time!!! Of course that is my plan as well. Do to my MIL being diagnosed with cancer I had to drop my Spring classes. I have other W’s and now two more but life happens and I’m no longer a 20 year old. I’m figuring the adcoms will understand. I apply to a bridge postbacc next year and perhaps one med school which I have a connection with. Other than that I will “officially” apply in 2015. Lord-willing I’m accepted to the postbacc med school or my connection’s school and praying their pull is as strong as I daydream it to be.

That’s my plan as well! I am taking a break from classes (but not from my 2 jobs…) in Spring 2014 and plan to study for the MCAT and take it at the end of May 2014. I feel that I won’t be able to do a good job on the application (LORs, statement, etc.) and the MCAT at the same time. So I decided to get everything ready and apply in June of 2015. I still need to get some shadowing done and to take few upper level Bio classes. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do well on the MCAT on the first try!

  • redo-it-all Said:
I wished all pre-meds (old and young) could be as wise as you are.

My sentiments, exactly, for what it's worth.