Taking the plunge.....

Well I guess you would call me one of those who lurk around the site. I registered some time ago but have never been a consistent contributor.

Anyhoo, I’m finally making the commitment to a serious attempt at gaining acceptance to Med School.

I graduated in 1999 with an UG degree in Civil Engineering. Been a practicing engineer since. Took some grad classes part time while working, about 3.5 gpa in grad school. Planning to go back to school full time in the fall.

So my story is much like many of the others here. My uGPA is not great, 3.1 or so. Have not taken the MCAT as of yet, but have always done well on standardized tests.

So my plan is to take, or retake in some cases, all of the med school prerequisites over the next year. All of my undergrad science courses are at least 10 yrs old.

Take the MCAT as sometime next year. Would plan to apply in 2010 for entering class of 2011, and then 2012 and 13 if need be. Looking into shadowing and volunteer opportunities as well.

Given my background can anyone advise a different or better path?

Welcome, Peter. Your plan seems sound to me.


This sounds like a very thoughtful and well strategized plan. Now execute! Good luck!

Thanks for the response and encouragement. I’m extremely excited about the journey.

  • peterhass Said:
Thanks for the response and encouragement. I'm extremely excited about the journey.

And that is exactly what it is, Peter! Enjoy the whole journey. So many just look to the finish line (esp. traditional, younger students), and don't enjoy the view along the way. I'm starting organic chem and physics this coming year...and I'm really looking forward to it. It's not going to be easy, but it is going to be challenging, and that is what I look forward to!