Talking to AdComs

Quick question for you folks -

I have pretty much decided that I will be returning to school next Fall to start my pre-req journey. I want to talk to an AdCom at my med school of choice to 1) Establish my presence as someone that wants to attend there well ahead of time (it can’t hurt for them to recognize your name, right?) and 2) to gain some insight as to what my application needs to look like to be competitive there. So, should I ensure that this is in person? Or can a telephone call be the means of initial contact? I will not be using email since I have many questions and email is not conducive to the conversational nature of this interaction.

Let me know what you think!


At the suggestion of a premed advisor, I have an appointment with the director of admissions at my school of choice on January 5 for exactly this purpose. I would definitely suggest meeting in person if possible. I just called the admissions office and explained to the person who answered the phone that I am a non-traditional student with x and y degrees from these schools, I live in z, I am beginning the prereq process, and I would like to meet with the director of admissions to discuss some things with him regarding prereqs and other things that are unique to a non-traditional applicant. They made the appointment right away (for January because it is interview season right now).

Good luck!

Outstanding! Thanks for the info!

I am bumping this, as I think its a really great suggestion for those of us beginning the journey to get an idea as to what the school is looking for and how to make the most of our time.

Absolutely, try to do this in person. Also, one of the things you want to discuss is what “they” like to see in their most well qualified candidates.



Alright, kind of resurrecting my old post here. I have a meeting scheduled with the Associate Dean of Admissions at what will likely be my first choice for medical school. What would be appropriate attire for this meeting? Is interview attire expected, or is that a bit too much?

Thanks for any insights!

i would treat this meeting as an interview; you want to make the best impression possible; thus I would suggest wearing you interview attire.

But again, I’m not an expert on that, so if anybody thinks differently please correct me.


If this is your first choice, think about the first impression you want to make. You can only do that once, so make it count.

Madkaasia is right and a solid interview attire is always less chancy…in any case, most academic medical centers are still formal in dressing sense, so at least you will blend right in! (I did see a student that had come to interview in shorts at my d-school: not recommended:)

Yup, it’s a job interview (of sorts). Dress for it. :slight_smile: