tech help - wav to mp3 conversion

so here is my current dilemma…

i have a digital audio recorder that i can use to record the lectures with at school. the one i have is am olympus which records in a dss format. the dss player has a way to convert the files into a wav format which if i record on a cd does not play on my car cd player.

i would like to make better use of my commute (which is ranging from 1hr15min to 1hr 45 min due to construction) and be able to listen to the recodings.

currently i am just plugging the player into my aux jack via a plug but since it is battery run this drains batteries fairly quicklym thus necessitating the search for a good program to handle the conversion.


Wav to mp3 should be possible using any CD ripper. Here’s one that’s opensource, and was the first one Google brought up in response to “CD Ripper” :

LAME mp3 converter

But your WAV file should play fine after you burn it onto a CD. Are you burning it on as a plain WAV file, or in CD format? If the former, your player probably doesn’t recognize the format. You need to burn it on in music CD format. Any media player should allow you to burn it onto a CD in regular music CD format.

I also recall that if I used a certain type of CD, I couldn’t play the music in a CD player, just on my computer. I think it was RW instead of R.


hmm…i am using a cd-rw maybe that is the issue.

i figured the wav should be playing if recorded on a cd. maybe i will get a different type and see if that helps.

thanks all

As a defrocked geek, may I make the following suggestions:

  1. if your intention is to burn these lectures onto a CD to play in regular, plain, old, CD player, they have to be in “CD format”, which IS NOT “WAV” or “MP3”. If your car and/audio player is relatively new it MIGHT play MP3 but you have to check that by testing or owner’s manual.

  2. Most CD rip or burning software should have the ability to take a WAV or MP3 and put it “CD Format.” Old “CD Format” take approximately 10 times the storage space of a comparable WAV or MP3 file. So an hour lecture that is say 10 megabytes in MP3 will take 100 megabytes in “CD Format.” Audio CD format hold at max 80- minutes.

  3. I have had wide variation in what software I used to burn CD and in the brand of CD that will work in old players, a very inconsistent pattern. I had 5 different CD players in my house and rarely would be able to get burned CD to work on all 5 (ironically, the oldest one seem to work with everything) I am sure that very few, if any players will work with CD-RW. When I was heavily into this 10 years ago, I recall there are something like a half dozen different standards for regular CD-ROMS. I have found the “gold” colored ones rarely work. Sometime ago I purchased a large stack of SONY “supremas” CD-R (700 meg) because they seem to work with everything.

  4. I used to use a SONY digital recorder that had a similar issue but later versions of the desktop software allowed the conversion. You should see if the Olympus player has an updated desktop software that will do what you want.

  5. You may better off if getting the files converted to MP3 and put them on an iPod (I did this with all the audio osmosis lectures). There are several methods to get an iPod to run thru the car audio system.

    If I can be of anymore help, dont hesitate to contact me directly.

Hi Becky,

Did your audio recorder also come with an external power plug? If so, you could probably just purchase a car adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter and plug into that. I know that Walmart sells one that you could plug a regular (110v) plug and a USB cable into.

Here’s one from /ref=pd…