Technical question re: PS on amcas

For all those who have submitted, how did you make paragraphs whan you were writing the PS on amcas?
The Tab button doesnt work for me because instead of indenting the line, it highlights the following “link” on the page. I have tried making three spaces with the space bar, but when I click on “print application”, it prints out as if it’s all continuous with no new paragraphs. Will the med school see the essay as it is on the webpage or the way it prints out? I really hope it isn’t the latter. Thanks for any help!

Troy -
I had to put in extra hard returns to allow a line space between paragraphs. This adds either 2 or 4 characters per paragraph. I wasn’t that close on space, so it didn’t matter to me.
I don’t know for sure, but I assume the schools will see your application in a format similar to the one you see if you go to the print function. I would put in the hard returns to ensure that your separate paragraphs show up.

I did the same… it showed up as a blank line in the format… but seemed to work for me… since my PS was written with both allopathic and osteopathic schools in mind, I had some spare characters on AMCAS…
good luck!

If you don’t put in that hard carriage return between paragraphs, what the schools see is a big block of black text (try saying that fast even once! ) which is nearly unreadable. Well, it’s readable, but the motivation to do so is about as high as a snake’s tummy.