Texas Application

Does anyone have experience with the Texas application ? I am not a Texas resident, but interested in applying to a couple of UT schools. One of the schools did not mention anything about the Texas app, but the other did. If I submit a Texas app do I still include the schools on my AMCAS or not ? Is there a fee for the Texas app ? I already get fee waiver for AMCAS, does that help if there is a fee ? Thanks for your help.

I’m a newish TX resident (but still qualify) & I’ve applied to TX schools. Some facts: different application service from AMCAS (TMDSAS); there is no fee waiver–however, it is very cheap to apply. Some schools do not require secondaries; it’s all on the TMDSAS website.
By law TX schools must accept very high 90% Tx residents (95-97%) because of the funding situation. This may differ from school to school.
Baylor is an AMCAS school, although it is in Houston.
TX schools, even Baylor, are extremely cheap ($8k/yr).
If you have any other q’s, just let me know.

bjg got it all down for you. I found the TMDSAS much more straightforward than AMCAS or AACOMAS, and only one school (Texas Tech) had a secondary fee. In Texas, everyone who completes the application automatically completes the secondaries as a matter of course. Good luck in your apps, as Texas has a great group of good, cheap medical schools!!!