Texas OPMS...anybody else in??

Hey everyone…just got a bit o’ good news. I’M IN!!! I’ll be representing all us OPM’s at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, class of 2007. Thanks everyone so very much for providing advice, information and most of all encouragement to all of us out here. Is it normal to be this scared?? hehe
Let the learnin’ begin… blink.gif

Howdy Kevin!
Well, let me be the first (Texan no less) to tell you Congratulations! I’m guess the match list was posted this morning, huh? What a great feeling.
UTHSC-SA has a beautiful campus (I LOVE their library and its view of Central Texas hill country) and is in a great city. You’ll get a wonderful education there.
I run into folks from SA at our Texas Medical Association meetings periodically. They’re good folks.
Congratulations again!
Take care,
PS, yes, it is very normal to feel like the dog that just caught the mail truck…“what the hell did I just get myself into?”

I couldn’t help but notice the time you posted your great news. I can just see you sitting up until the middle of the night waiting for that list to be posted. Actually, if I were a Texan, I can imagine myself doing the same thing! rolleyes.gif
CONGRATULATIONS!!! and welcome to the Class of 2007. Doesn’t it feel grand to have finally crossed this major hurdle?!

Woohooo! Another OPM'er gets in yeah! Congratulations and go get totally inebriated (did I even spell this right?)…he he.

smile.gif smile.gif Yippee! Congratulations! smile.gif smile.gif

Woo hoo! Congrats, Kevin! laugh.gif
I’m so happy for you. Since I’m 75% Texan, I’m very proud! (8th grade through my naval career as a Texan. Now I’m married to a Florida Cracker but I will be applying to the Texas schools too).
San Antonio is a great place. My brother spent most of his Air Force career there and didn’t want to leave!

smile.gif smile.gif CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! smile.gif smile.gif

Hi Kevin:
Did you find out via TMDSAS or through the San Antonio website?

HOORAY for our side!!! lol congratulations hopefully ill be following in your footsteps. ( at ut hsc houston)

Hey Rothgar,
Yeah, the match results were posted to the TMDSAS site last night around 11:55 or so, a whole six minutes early. I had clicked on the page, logged in, and almost closed it out before i read the OH-SO-FINE print near the bottom: School Matched: UT- San Antonio. Did you apply this year or are you doing it next time around?

I applies last minute this year…Not following OMD’s advice.
Anyway, only got one interview -Houston - and the “School Matched” field is depressingly blank.
Drat. Deep Sigh.
Who knows what happens now?

That should have been "applied."
Thanks for the info, Kevin…with SDN down I haven’t been able to confirm whether I actually didn’t match or whether it was a system snafu.
Congrats on you acceptance!
Pete in Houston

Congrats on getting in!!!

Hey everybody!
Thanks y’all for all of the congratulations and best wishes. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. This group is a veritable Godsend in so many ways – namely in the encouragement that seems to pour out from each member. Personally speaking (and I have the feeling that many of you share this sentiment) I find it the greatest comfort knowing that there are others out there like me, on the same long road. To read and hear about success story after success story is so uplifting and inspiring. Fellow OPM’ers, we are in great company – the company of one another. Thanks again everyone… smile.gif

Congrats on getting in this year!!! I'm glad to hear that OPM has helped you in your goal of becoming a physician!!