Thank you for welcoming me here

It’s just timely because I’ve just received an e-mail from HARO.

I’m also helping a reporter out for HARO. Anyone in med especially doctors can relate for this or might be interested to be interviewed :slight_smile:

Here’s the Query:
When testing patients to see if they are “alert and oriented,”
medical personnel often ask “who is the president?” I have heard
that many patients have strong reactions to that question under
Trump, compared to past presidents.

Ryan Beck with Bloomberg News - a political reporter
would like to talk with people who regularly conduct A&O
exams. The story is about other research showing high emotional
responses to the news right now.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics in any part of the country who
conduct A&O exams of incoming patients.

(This is my first time to hear this as well, looks interesting) I hope it’s okay to post it here. Thanks