Thank you letter to the interviewer

I need an advice on the format of ‘thank you’ lettes to the interviewers. What should they say. Should I type or hand write them? What kind of stationary should I use?

Hopefully some more experienced folks can advise me something.

Thanks in advance,



I hand wrote my notes and I used stationary from my local Hallmark store (it was cream and had a nice gold trim). The individual sheets were about 7inx9in and matching envelopes were supplied in the box.

I printed my notes and was comfortable doing that because I have very legible printing when I take the time (comes from four years in an engineering high-school where you had to use engineering lettering on everything that you wrote). With that said, I had friends who typed theirs for that very reason.

The key for me last year with residency interviews was to write them as soon as I could after the interview (or at least sketch them on scratch paper) because all of the interviews blend together after a while.

Congrats on a solid interview!


Thank you for your advice Tara.

I’m going to stop by in Hallmark tomorrow and pick up some nice stationery, and I will send the letters on Monday .


Another good idea that I have used is to go to the drugstore and buy a pack of picture postcards from wherever you came from – it’s a good linking reminder for the person who may have seen many people from many places over many weeks.

People like handwritten thank you notes-- just remember to us your legible Sunday writing and not prescription pad sludge.