Thank you to LOR writers

Now, I want to hug my some of my LOR writers out of enthusiasm and gratitude, but that obviously wouldn’t be a good choice! biggrin.gif
Is writing a simple thank-you note after the letter has been delivered the best response? One of my LOR’s comes from a doc I did a summer research project with about 6 years ago. He’s been the source of a couple of LOR’s in the years since then. Is sending a small plant or somesuch too over the top?
He is also on staff at the med school I would most like to attend. Does that mean my gesture could seem like I was trying to ingratiate myself for the purposes of admission? (can you tell I’m studying the verbal section of the MCAT? hahaha)
Any guidance would be appreciated!

I think a note or card is appropriate. I think a gift is a bit over the top, but that's just me.

Now that I've read my post again it seems pretty obvious that the note is the way to go.

Hi Theresa,
One can never be too thankful…perhaps after your acceptance, when you get that huggy feeling again, you can send the plant!
Good Luck,