Thank you

Seriously, thank you for that.

My one question, if anyone out there has any knowledge about this: I was talking to me Kaplan instructor and he told me that since I’m not going to be applying early-decision, it’s okay for me to take it later in the summer.

Is that true?

i think it depends on your definition of “ok” and how much later in the summer. we talking a few weeks or a couple months?

if you’re ok with applying later and ok with a decreased chance of getting an interview and ok with a decreased chance of being accepted then yeah, i think it’s ok.

“Later” would be July 6 or June 21st if a slot opens up near me. I want to give myself the best possible chance, but my instructor said that they do the early acceptance first and the work forward from there.

I would say you’re fine if you have it done by that first week in July… but I wouldn’t push it out any further than that.

I’m in the same boat in case I need a re-take. I have a gut feeling that I do, so I scheduled another date… but the earliest I could get was July 6th. My entire application will be in and done…just waiting on that retake score, if it comes to that…which would be posted early August.

None of my schools offer interviews prior to September, so I’m just hoping for the best!!

Yeah, I ended up going through calling just about every school I want to apply to, and almost all of them start interviewing in September. A few of the DO schools just finished interviewing a few weeks ago.

And again, I’m sorry for jumping down anyone’s throat.