I just wanted to thank all those who contribute here. For some unknown reason I have been thinking all day about quitting my job and doing a postbac. My wife is a FT student and this would mean I would have to find money from somewhere. If I got into school directly from a linkage program then my wife would have to transfer at the beginning of her senior year…waaaaaay too much selfishness on my part.
Instead of posting “Should I do a postbac?” thread I went and read the previous ones and saw my answers there. Efex and OMD were as far as I needed to go before I realized how egocentric my desires were. Taking the marathon approach my wife will be finished with school and will be working for a full year before it’s time to move to medical school
Anyhow, just a short THANKS and I’ll have to contribute a little something to help keep this site going.
Thanks to everyone who contributes!

Crooz you are very welcome! we all have gone through the same thought processes that you have and understand everything that you are going through. You will succeed even so much more if you take your time excel and keep your sanity! good luck!

Thanks…I just finished telling my wife what I had been thinking about all day and guess what…she’d like me to look into the postbac program and come up with a budget of sorts to see how it could work…
I figure we will discuss what this will truly entail and see. I’m all for going into a postbac but not at the risk of driving my wife and I crazy…plus the commute…then there’s the money involved $20k+…
She would prefer that I go the postbac route. What to do…what to do…