Thanksgiving week makes me thankful for...

Khan Academy! So I don’t fail calculus in the spring.

And, of course, its #1 ambassador, Pixie!

I am thankful for my supportive family, and all my friends at OPM. I am thankful for all the advice and amazing stories that have been shared here.

I am borderline-giggling-hyste rical thankful that I have received an acceptance and can now focus on preparing for a big move and an exciting new town.

And, of course, I am thankful for Khan Academy, which made preparing for last year’s MCAT less stressful and makes tutoring a joy.

Have a great holiday and weekend everyone. I am really going to go start baking pies now.

I am thankful for my beautiful family, who are currently dancing and singing in a highly comical fashion to the rolling credits of Toy Story 3…

I am so grateful for my amazing husband, who dances with my daughters like he’s their prince, who can make me laugh under any circumstances, and who is my absolute solid rock of support through this stressful semester. He is the one who believes in me against all odds, who carries me through the valleys and dances with me on the mountaintops, and who will NEVER let me give up on my dreams.

I am thankful that I managed to figure out my physics material, in spite of having a terrible teacher.

I am thankful for only having one more semester of pre-reqs.

I am thankful that, for better or worse, the MCAT will be over in a mere matter of months.

I am thankful for all of you…for your patience, your hubris, your willingness to share your experiences…

Finally, I have to thank the Academy. Without them, none of this would be possible. (Khan Academy, of course.)

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!!!

I posted a list of things I’m thankful for this year in my diary; I won’t repost it on this thread, but I thought I’d mention it here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!